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Everything that has an atomic structure has an energy field surrounding it. Atoms of matter, constantly moving
consists of electrons and protons. These electrons and protons are electrical, magnetic energy vibrations.
Compared to the atoms of inanimate matter, the atoms of living matter are more active and their vibrations are higher. Therefore
The energy fields of plants, trees, animals and people can be more easily seen and detected. Universal energy
its field as a series of geometric dots, spirals, isolated flickering points of light, webs of lines, sparks, and clouds
it is organized at an energetic level. This area is vibrating. By seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, tasting or
can also be felt by sound and light that can be perceived by energetic senses. The universal energy field is synergistic, in plain words different
Simultaneous actions of factors create more impact when combined than they do alone.
Truck. This field is where entropy, the slow degradation that we can observe in physical reality, is the result of form and order.
is the opposite of its incursion. The universal energy field has a regulating effect on matter and constructs forms. It
space exists in more than three dimensions. Before any changes occur in the material world,
a change is taking place in this area.


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