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The basic principle of Theta Healing is the 'Law of Attraction'. This Law says, 'Where mindfulness goes, energy flows. 'Therefore, the energy of our attention / thoughts / awareness constantly attracts feelings and experiences that we enter our lives. arises in our thinking. This law takes us to the knowledge of the creative power of our thoughts in our life. Life doesn't just 'happen' to us, but rather, at some level, our thinking creates and attracts us to what we predominantly think and feel.

Over time, our thinking turns into fixed beliefs. These beliefs come together to form belief systems that govern certain areas of our lives and dictate our experiences in all areas of life; from relationships to finance and health. Thus, our beliefs determine the parameters of our potential in these areas of life. They describe the potential for the success of our love relationships, family relationships, business or careers, and our experience in the health and vitality of our bodies. These beliefs set boundaries and allow beyond those boundaries, just what they say they believe to be.


It is a subconscious therapy technique. With this meditation technique performed at theta frequency (Theta brain wave), subconscious cleansing can be achieved by trauma, shock, loss, pain etc. Such emotions that do not serve the person emotionally are removed from subconscious records and replaced with positive affirmation. Throughout the session, the person's perceptual and intuitive way of thinking changes as the effects of these trauma records are transformed into positive.

Theta brain wave is the frequency before going into deep sleep (between 4-7.5hz). Under normal conditions, our brain is in beta frequency (13-30 hz).


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