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Personal Trainer

Personal Coach & Life Coach (Kocu)
How you want to appear is in your hands. Your life, your body, your choice.
Change creates new hopes, new goals, Change creates Movement.

As Personal Koc, my goal is to get you to the goal you want.

It is to enable you to be One with your body and appearance.

Personal training offers training in weight loss, making the body the shape you want and the body's problem areas to get in shape.
Personal training irregular working hours are ideal for those who have little time, those who care about their health and appearance.
Personal Training is done wherever you want. In Fitness Studio, Outside, At Home.

Your Goals - My Motivation
- Body building
- Shaping the body (body)
- Waist (Latismus, Trapezius) exercise
Weight loss

Personal Interest
- 1: 1 Exercise
Personal individual attention
- In-depth Know How for maximum efficiency
- Performance diagnosis for targeted exercise

Innovative Exercise Methods
- Functional Exercise: Highly effective Body exercise
- High Intensity Exercise
- TRX Exercise: Exercise with your own body weight
- Fitnessbox
- Core Exercise
- Outdoor Exercise
- Tae Bo Workout
- Cross Workout

In Personal Training, a special target plan is made for each person. In order to reach its target healthily as soon as possible. We will be in constant contact with you in this goal.

Honesty, motivation and inspiration - this is the triple positive point on which my work is based. I want the full performance potential from our customers. Among them
- realistic goals
- optimum support and motivation
- holistic counseling, nutrition education
It is important to us that every client is cared for during optimal training.

We offer individual care with 1: 1 training and maximum efficiency.


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Our Instructor: Mehmet Dursun

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