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When we say yoga, only yoga postures (poses) called 'asanas' can be understood. However, the benefits of yoga are not limited to the body. Yoga; It is a calm and satisfying soul journey that combines body, mind and breath in tremendous harmony.


Our body is a perfect mix of mind and soul. In this tightly interconnected system, any disease that develops in the body can turn into stress and weaken the body by turning into stress. Yoga poses that massage the organs and strengthen the muscles, special breathing techniques and meditation help you get rid of stress while also strengthening the immune system.

The yoga system includes eight stages to develop human beings in all directions.
Patch 1 - Get rid of the negatives
2.Niyama - Strengthening the positives
3.Asana-Body training techniques
4.Pranamaya-Nsfes and Bioenergy techniques
5.Pratyahara-Astral, Chakra and Kundalini techniques
6.Dharana - Concentration techniques
7.Dhyana-Meditation techniques
8.Samadhi-Superior concentration techniques



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