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Fitness Trainer

Special Anatomy of the Spine

Detecting muscle imbalances
Cardiovascular system anatomy and function
Education theory:
Strength and endurance training methodology and adaptation phenomenon
Developing sports-special education programs
Health planning and grassroots Education
Strength training special training methods
Energy metabolism
Neurophysiological bases
Theory of Motion:
Basic concepts and principles of biomechanics
Specific aspects of customer equipment
Stretching methods
Sports Psychology:
Teaching and learning didactic-methodological principles
Rights and duties of the coach
Food and Nutrition:
Function / biochemistry of carbohydrates and fats
Sports organization and management
Compiling and maintaining fitness studios
Sport Practical movement:
Training / Alternative sets antagonists
Employee training navigation
Indoor Cycling
Dumbbell correct use
Sports tests
Modern ways of movement
Be 18 years old
High school graduate


Causes, diagnosis and treatment of selected injuries
Prevention and treatment of spine problems
education concepts and tests
Training / Knee School with knee problems
muscle physiology

Ways of work and contraction mechanisms
Education theory:
Functional strength training
Durability Performance diagnostics
Determining the maximum force
Features training for fitness and its prevention
Theory and practical training planning
Theory of Motion:
Sports movement analysis
Computer controlled power analysis
Sports Psychology:
Food and Nutrition:
Minerals and vitamins Function
Sports Organization / management
Health education Strategies
Sport Practical movement:
knee School
Coordination training, coordination tests
Working with "Patients with Back Pain"
Core Education
Athletic Training Introduction / Functional Training
Dumbbell and barbell training
Techniques / back exercises
Modern ways of movement
Be 18 years old
High school graduate
B license license


General Nutrition Basics
Nutrition plan for athletes
Energy Metabolism
Nutritional habit change against regimes
Obtaining a private-class paper
Identifying and naming various diet types
Arrangement and evaluation of the nutrition protocol
Agenda and sports oriented nutrition plans


Definition of rehabilitation sports orthopedics, legal basis
Anatomy and Physiology
Methodology / didactic
Movement Education theory / theory
Medical conditions and diagnoses
Design Sports Rehabilitation Orthopedics watches
Spinal, pelvic floor and water aerobics
Muscle and joint exercises
Functional Gymnastics
Demonstration classes and internships

Course Dates are planned according to the number of participants.
Our courses are given in studios we work together in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara.


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