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Scientists have spent centuries studying organic and inorganic materials, measuring atoms, proving, discovering, separating, analyzing atomic particles. The discoveries have been powerful and valuable, and have made great strides in the development of human thought. But physics also noticed that a wide variety of unstudied phenomena occur at the subatomic level. Eventually this led to subatomic particles and the opening of a mysterious world where everything vibrates at finer levels of pure energy. We are energy, our world is energy, as much as our thoughts and actions, everything we are, we think, we vibrate in subtle vibrations beyond the reach of our physical senses. The universe is a tremendous thought and people are part of it. Today's quantum physicists say that everything is waves, frequencies, and the material world is just a rough image, a hologram in a giant energy field. Neurologist Karl Pribram (Stanford University), author of the classical neuropsychological workbook, and physicist Dr. D. Telepathy, psychokinesis, brain activities etc. They used the holographic principle to explain such paranormal phenomena. His work is based on Einstein's theory of relativity, M. Plank's work, and the work of others. In an interview for Psychology Today, Karl Pribram said: "The world of appearances is not wrong; it's not that there aren't objects on a single level of reality. It's not that if you enter the universe with a lensless system, in this case a holographic system, you get a different view, a different reality. And this other reality may explain things that have hitherto been scientifically inexplicable: paranormal phenomena, synchronicities, seemingly meaningful coincidences of events.


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