Vıbratıon (Frequency)
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Now, in connection with the fact that everything is vibration, there are different principles. The Law of Vibration 1 says that there is a permanent effect between different levels of reality called the Harmonic Resonance Principle. Patterns or structures that are almost identical tend to flicker with each other. The second principle is the permanent conversion of energy. Higher vibrations have the ability to transform lower vibrations, but the special thing is that, conversely, lower vibrations can never change higher vibrations. Because of this one-way law, evolution will eventually progress towards a higher vibration. This is known as the Law of Love because universal Light and universal Love have the highest frequency. The third fact of the Law of Vibration is that a continuous flow of subtle life energy flows through everything. As a result, everything is protected and everything is connected with everything. This is called qi or chi or prana, tao, divine energy or spirit. This is what gives life to living things. The first pure vibration from which the universe was created is found in the Bible as "In the Beginning". This vibration causes a creative energy in the primitive ocean of pure potential. A similar beginning of vibration or sacred sound is also found in other people's creation stories (Sanskrit: Nada Brahma, the world is sound).


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