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Describing the word prana is as difficult as describing the universe. Prana is the fundamental energy that has spread throughout space and permeates all dimensions of the universe. Prana is the basis of physical, mental, intellectual and sexual energies. All energy vibrations originate from Prana. Prana constitutes the basis of all physical energies such as heat, light, gravity, magnetism and electricity. The latent or potential energy that emerges to the full extent during danger and is present in all beings is energy called Prana. Prana is the power that moves everything. The functions of creating, protecting and destroying are realized thanks to this energy. Strength, power, power, vitality and life arise through prana. The water that feeds the root of the tree of life is the Prana energy. Prana is the life breath of all living beings in the universe. Living things are born through this energy and live thanks to it. The concept of Prana in the Yoga System is very scientific.

The word Prana consists of Pra and Na syllables. In Sanskrit, Pra means "continuous" and Na means "movement." Thus the word Prana means "perpetual motion". This continuous movement starts at the moment of pregnancy in the mother's womb. Prana is a force that is in constant motion. Prana is the life force, while Prana Vidya describes the techniques that enable this power to be increased and stored in the body. Also, in Sanskrit language Pra means "first unit" Na means "energy" and the word Prana means "first unit of energy". Prana is the first unit or basis of universal energy. The Akash is the omnipresent matter of the universe. Prana, on the other hand, is the fundamental energy that is constantly present and spread throughout the universe. All the different forms of the universe are fed by Prana energy. The person who controls the practice controls all the physical and mental energies in the universe. Apart from that, the word Prana can be divided into syllables Pra and Ana. The prefix Pra means "first" or "bring forward", while the main elephant means "breathing" or "living". In this form, the word Prana means "to breathe out" or "to inhale". The word Pranaka in Sanskrit language means "living being" and Prani means "breathing being". Also, the word Prana means "before breath". Before breathing, Prana is a pure and neutral energy that has no qualities. Prana that enters the body after breathing has various qualities. In addition, the word Prana is used to mean "breathing", "vitality", "power", "energy", "strength" "soul" and "spirit". The Sanskrit word Vidya means "explanation", "seeing", "understanding", "knowledge", "wisdom" and "science". Thus Prana Vidya means "energy science" or "bioenergy science". Thanks to Prana Vidya, the energy in the body is activated and the frequency of the energy increases. Heat or creative power is generated in the body and affects energy. The energy that is activated and heated starts to rise. At this stage, bioenergy in the body comes alive. Prana Vidya science is based on the storage of energy. Prana supports meditation, sexuality, warfare and healing Prana is at the foundation of both physical and mental functions.

While the movement of Prana triggers thoughts in the mind, the current of thought affects the movement of Prana. Therefore, these two are in constant interaction. The Prana phenomenon is very difficult to understand because Prana is neither oxygen nor air. One can live for a while while holding his breath. Thanks to yoga techniques, people can stay out of breath for hours. Meanwhile, the Prana inherent in the organism supports life. However, without Prana one cannot survive for even a second. The word Prana is used to mean "cosmic energy", "universal energy" or "life energy". 1. Prana is called "cosmic energy" because it is a very subtle form of energy that is found all over space. Prana spreads to the entire universe. 2. Prana is called "universal energy" because all living and non-living beings in the universe depend on this energy. Prana, which is difficult to feel, provides life in the whole universe and in the world. Prana is the main source of energy for all living and non-living beings.


3. Prana is called "vital energy" because the life and functions of the body depend on the activity of this energy. Prana, which supports all functions of the organism by circulating in the body, can also be called "bioenergy" using modern terminology. The word Vidya means "science" or "knowledge". The word Vidya is derived from the root Vid. Vid means "to see", "to know", or "to understand", while Prana Vidya means "bioenergy science". Often the word Prana is translated as "breath". But breath is only one of the functions that take place in the human body thanks to the Prana energy. When the breath stops, the Prana leaves the body and life ends with it. Generally, a person can be without food for six months, without water for six days and without air for six minutes. But without Prana, life ends immediately. Apart from this, the word Prana gives men "breathing", "life", vitality "," air "," wind "or" power. "Vidya means" perceive "," perceive "or" realize ". Thanks to Vidya, man perceives and perceives the universal energy Cosmic energy enters from the top and is distributed through the energy chakras to various parts of the body. The more goes out on the tips of the hands and toes. If any of the chakras in the body are closed, that region cannot be fed as a result of the inability of the energy from the universe to enter that region. We feel more alive, energetic, healthy and happy after the chakras are opened with energy healing therapy.

Our three levels expand, our inner and outer worlds become harmonious. In human; blood circulation, glands, lymph circulation, nervous system, electrical current (Chi) in the body; There are 7 main chakras that work the glands, heart, pancreas, lung, large and small intestine, stomach, spleen, bladder, kidney, gall bladder and liver. There are 28 secondary chakras. In the body, there are 400 energy points on 14 meridians, around 2000 energy points on the meridian tooth, and 72000 energy channels. All these energy channels start in the head region. This energy region is called pramrarandra. There are two electric currents, positive and negative. These create a magnetic field (aura) outside the body throughout circulation. And with thousands of acupuncture points, it enables billions of cells to work and regenerate. Stress, sadness, anger, fatigue (negative, negative emotions and thoughts) reduce body resistance and disrupt the balance. This balance can be achieved with Energy Healing Practice.

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